Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes

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Fall back with Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes!

Posted on Oct 16, 2014

After a great summer traveling far and wide, Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes is thrilled to be home! Don’t miss a single show as we’ll be tweaking the lineup for almost every performance. Join us this Saturday, October 18th at the Maple Leaf Bar, our favorite place to rock into the wee hours.

On Saturday, November 8th, be sure to catch our very special performance at Tipitinas! We’ll be joined by Smoke N Bones who will be featuring their own special guests, Erica Falls and Eric Bloom. This is a show not to be missed!


  1. When you coming to Greenfields Amphitheater
    Wilmington NC
    Call Hula or call me and bring Honey Island too

  2. You guys r cool bastids. And. Go saints !

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